Shipping Bubble Mailers Mix Padded Mailer Envelopes Shipping Bubble Mailers

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Shipping bubble mailers provide outstanding low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products. Each padded mailer envelopes are made of Polyethylene Film with a 3/16" bubble lining for maximum protection. These lightweight mailers are designed for postage savings. These shipping bubble envelopes offer a Peel-N-Seal secure closure.
Product Description:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT SHIPPING BUBBLE MAILERS - These shipping envelopes padded are made from heavy duty plastic, are with fashionable design. And those padded mailers are lightweight mailing envelops, will not add to your shipping cost.
  • CUSHION BUBBLE ENVELOPES - These shipping bubble envelopes are lined with 80gsm bubble, with unique air cellular layers and 360°strong air bubble technology helping absorb shock during shipment.These can provide effective shipping protection for your products.
  • SELF SEALED PADDED ENVELOPES - These bubble mailers come with a self-adhesive tamperproof seal.The adhesive on the fold-over flap is strong enough and goes end-to-end.There's no need reinforcement tape and it doesn't come apart unless you tear it up.Peel and stick lip provides a tamper evident closure.

    What you get:
    - (20) 4.25'' x 7'' Pink Bubble Mailers
    - (5) 6.5'' x 9'' Rose Gold Bubble Mailers
    - (5) 7.25'' x 11'' Holographic Bubble Mailers

    A total of 30 Bubble Mailers

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