Steam warm eye mask patch Spa eye mask

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Steam eye mask perfect for everyone who is always on the computer, tablet or mobile phones. These heated eye mask can last up to 25 minutes to help your eyes relax. Many of us can't live without our tablet or phones, so it's important for us to take care of those eyes, Aroma heated hot steam eye mask will do just that for you. It helps relax your eyes after a long tired day.
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Product Description:
- Material: Cotton
- Feature: Anti-Puffiness, Anti-wrinkle, Dark Circles, Moisturizer
Feel relaxed with plenty of steam.
You can use it before going to bed, when you relax at home, when traveling on an airplane, etc.
- Main Ingredients: Collagen, Herbal,Active Carbon,Iron Powder,Rose Oil
- Package Include: 1 Box of 7 pads
- Store in cool and dry places
Pre-Caution do not use the eye mask if you have the following:
- You should not use this product if there is something wrong with your eyes
-  If you have any eye illness, inflammation, swelling or rashes
-  If you are sensitive to heat, check with your doctors before using
-  People who have dementia, should be supervised when using this product
-  Do not use with any other eye masks
- Do not use the eye mask with your contacts on
Note while using the heated eye mask
-  If eye drops are applied, please wait a few minutes before using it
-  Keep your eyes closed when using the eye mask
-  The eye mask may cause makeup removal if you have them on when using it
-  If it gets too hot, remove it immediately