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Funko pop bundle anime lot. All pops are brand new in mint condition.

What you get:

- x1 Funko pop exclusive rosegold Goku glow in the dark

- x1 Funko pop exclusive Hunter x Hunter Killua Zoldyck

- x1 Funko pop my hero academia Endeavor

- x1 Funko pop naruto Mighty Guy Eight Inner Gates

- x1 Funko pop exclusive black clover Luck Voltia

- x1 Funko pop exclusive my hero academia Tomura Shigaraki

- x1 Funko pop attack on titan Mikasa Ackermann

- x1 Funko pop pokemon Piplup

- x1 Funko pop dragon ball super Shin

- x1 Funko pop dragonball super Jiren

- x1 Funko pop dragon ball super Super Saiyan Trunks with sword

- x1 Funko pop dragonball super Kale

A total of 12 Funko pops

Condition: Mint

Will ship out with bubble wraps and styrofoam inside sorted box for protection

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