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Hello Kitty Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Ultra-lightweight compact 2-way stainless steel bottle Hello Kitty
Dimension: 16oz



You can use it in two different ways by replacing the mouthpiece with a new one.
One is a direct drinking type that allows you to drink directly from it, and the other is a cup type that allows you to drink from it.

The other is a cup type, which can also be used for hot drinks! The direct cap unit, which allows you to drink directly from the bottle, which has a lock function.

Wide aperture for easy ice filling.
Shoulder belt with name plate & name sticker
name sticker.

Dual-layer vacuum construction for long-lasting cold/warmth retention.

Cold temperature: 46 degree Fahrenheit or lower (6 hours)
Keep warm: 113 Fahrenheit or higher (24 hours) *Only when drinking from a cup

*Not for use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, or dryers.

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